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Issue 10 - 20 May 2019


Adrian Slonaker — Comrade:



Ananya Guha — Dialectics & Every Time:



Babatunde Babafemi — She Says:



Callum — there she goes...:



Carl Scharwath & Deborah Setiyawati — The Girl of the Mountain



Christopher Palmer — Matinée:



Clay Waters — The Apartments in the Sky:



David Francis — A Disregarded Proverb:



David Masciotra — Love Note to a Surgeon:



Deborah — The Song of Rahab:



Dominic Windram — Manifesto - 2019:



Fotoula Reynolds — Everything:



Frederick Pollack — Titanic:



Isha — Red and black:



James G. Piatt — Holiness:



Janet Cameron — Trapped:



Joan McNerney — Effective Immediately:



John Swain — The Canyon Wall:



Katacha Díaz — Rave On:



Lauren Scharhag — Freshwater:



Linda Imbler — Footsteps That Have Long Faded:



Lorraine Caputo — Megalopolis Aviary:



Luanne Pumo Jaconia — Women! Walk Ahead Toward Peace:



Marianne Brems — Bright Boy:



Matthew John Lambert — Life Anew:



Neil Clarkson — Munch:



Neil Ellman — Two Divinities Dancing:



OsyMizpah Unuevho — Time Travel:



Patrick Williamson — The Halt:



Ramona Thompson — Fools:



Ray Greenblatt — Quilt:



Rebecca M. DeLore — Moon Shadow:



Rekha Valliappan — Filament of Dreams:



Saikat Gupta Majumdar — Time and tide wait for no one:



Sarah L Dixon — Cobalt Blue:



Shruti Woosaree — Re Membrance & Whiskers of Catastrophe:



Stefanie Bennett — Chequer:



W.M. Rivera— Marked:



Walid Abdallah — On our first date:

Antish Parmessur — Sunset:

Full pdf Version:


Vangelis - Chariots Of Fire

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