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Issue 9 - 2 April 2019           (AR Rahman’s Slumdog Millionaire Latika's Theme)

Aditi Krishnakumar — Sky, Mute Inglorious Milton & Looking Glass:

Adrian Slonaker — Peppermint Mocha Musings:

Ahmad Al-Khatat — In the Cemetery and 5 other poems:

Aishwarya Das Gupta — The Wait, The Wish & The Word:

Allan Lake — Writing a Will:

Amirah Al Wassif — My arrogant silence & Woman looking for a tongue!:

Ananya Guha — In March...:

Anindita Bose — Artist & Bee Killer:

Ann Christine Tabaka — Dust to Dust & Turncoat September:

Anoucheka Gangabissoon — The Song:

Arpita Satpathy — Passion:

Chandril Chattopadhyay — Letters to Labonyo:

Charles W. Brice — Higher Education:

Claudia Piccinno — Nerina:

Cleo Griffith — Prince of the Apple Towns & Elephant:

Cord Moreski — Grief:

Dan Raphael — Unbroken Fast, Rained In & Solstic:

David Fox — Nice Guy:

David R Mellor — A Good Guy with A Gun, Sea and Know & In a Brief Moment:

EG Ted Davis — Under a Dome:

Elle Pryor — Millennium:

Ellen — Voices, After D.H. Lawrence & The Inexorables:

Emmanuel Ojeikhodion — We don’t live here anymore, Elegy for a dead home & Language a body understand:

Germain Droogenbroodt — The Big Lies:

Gina Parbhoo — Unexpected blessing & Lost Souls of the 21st Century:

Ginger Cochran — THE ANXIOUS POET, RECONNOITRE & The Unique Half-Moon Shape:

Holly Day — The Dog:

Huguette Bertrand — Sparkling Night:

J. H. Johns — Loose Ends, In Search of Your Limbo & They All Do the Same Thing:

James G. Piatt’s  — The Whisper:

James R. Campbell — Let’s Bring It Together & In Due Time:

James Walton — That’s all, folks:

Janet Cameron — To My New Lover:

Jim Conwell — Posing

Joan McNerney — Sweet Comfort,  The Joker & Amazing How:

John Anthony Fingleton — A Grave of Dust & 3 other poems:

John Collins — Me & Poem 2:

John Raffetto — Photosynthesis:

Jules Elleo — Optional:

Karen Steiger — Lethargy:

Kesha — Morning Thoughts, Restless & Quietly:

KJ Hannah Greenberg — Determining How and Why:

Lee Felty — And Then April & Unfolding Urban Oceans:

Lynn Long — Poetry & Micro Poetry:

Maki Starfield — One thousand frogs & Ukiyo-e Artist:

Manisha Manhas — Life of a Dream

Maryalicia Post — Four Poster Bed:

Michael Madden — The Snowman:

Moinak Dutta — All those unspoken things, Gastronomic & Movie break:

Ndaba Sibanda — Look At Its Face, Let Today Smooth Into A Ruddier Tomorrow & Just A Jostling Village :

Neil Ellman — Homeward Bound, Spaaaaaaark, Zone & Pure and Empty:

Patricia Nelson — Magician:

Pawel Markiewicz — My magic dream, which calls itself eternity:

Priya — Nailed, Love Story & Flight:

Queen Umutesi — Poem 1 & Poem 2:

RC deWinter — Remnant:

Ricky Garni — Lemonade:

Roberta Beach Jacobson — haiku & senryu:

Sam Rapp — The wall around my oak tree:

Srinjay Chakravarti — Between Words:

Steve Klepetar — Again, Inside a Dream & Shadows:

Steven Blanco-Cazeaux — An angel and a raven:

Sunil Sharma — Assault:

Swamini Chauhan — Cold & Prayers:

Ted Bernal Guevara — Full Four:

Todd Mercer — Don’t Wait for the Deus ex Machina:

Trisha Rose — I Cheated On My Soul & I Wish:

Tyler Wettig — Babylon Burning, Infernal & On Being (II):

Uiba Mangang — A Spring Chicken:

Walid Abdallah — When you need me:

Wayne Russell — The Poem of an Abandon Building, Fall the Leaves & The Day That Love Died:

Wil Michael Wrenn — For Daddy, Today & Christina’s World:

William Doreski — Empty Gallery, Museum of Fine Arts, A Wake of Buzzards & Nothing of the Promised Land:

William Ruleman — A View of Arcadia & A Wanderer Gives Thanks:

Yeşim Ağaoğlu — empty garden:

Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya — Waiting for Christmas & Christmas in NYC:

Yusuf Na’im Olatunde — Little chick & imid sun will shine:


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