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Special Issue 5 (Triolet issue) - 30 July 2018

Full word version:

Full pdf version:

A Tourniquet of Sky by Michael H. Brownstein:

Atomic DNA by Terrence Sykes:



Avarice by Howard Gershkowitz:



Burden of Appreciation by David Lohrey:



Burned by Emily Reid Green:



Collection by Gary Glauber:



Crossover by Diane Sahms-Guarnieri:



Dark By-lanes by Aneek Chatterjee:



Dark Love by John Anthony Fingleton:



Errors of the Heart by Dennis Herrell:



Evermore Headstone by Stefanie Bennett:



Float Fantasy by Luanne Pumo Jaconia:



Flowers by Lou Marin:



Graduation by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya:



If I Could Have You Back by Maryalicia Post:



Intuition by Janet Cameron:



L’Amour Perdu by Colleen Driscoll:



Last Night’s Rain by Mark Gordon:



Let Me Grieve by Anastasia Jill:



Luminosity by RC deWinter:



Mercy Me by Audrey Semprun:



My Explosion by Antish Parmessur:



Once on our way to Khwai by Moinak Dutta:



One Compliment Said Fifty Years Ago by Sarah Dickenson Snyder:



Rent Control by Mark J. Mitchell:



Retail Injury by Allan Lake:



Ruins of Love That Once Was by Jana Vasilj-Begovic:



Seascape by Ben White:



Shadows Fade by Uma Venkatraman:



Sins by Yong Takahashi:



Sunflowers by Joanna M. Weston:



Taking Leave of My Companion by David A. Walsh:



The Crystal Range by Taylor Graham:



The Headline by Dr. Jerry G. Ianni:



The House Was Sold by Adrian Slonaker:



The Oak Tree by Antaeus:



Time by Michael Madden:



Timeless by Hope Andersen:



We Trespassed Ourselves by Christiana Sasa:



Works in Progress by Thomas Zimmerman:

You Are My Friend by Reena Choudhary:



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