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Special Covid-19 Issue (April 2020)


Ace Boggess — Getaway

Adrian Slonaker — En Route to Moncton

Alan Catlin — Love in a Time of Coronavirus

Albert Katz, Joanne Stryker & Stan Burfield — Two Poems

Alfred K. LaMotte — Social Distancing

Allan Lake — Motes

Amit Parmessur — Boxed

Amy Soricelli — Life Not in Real Life

Ananya Guha — Migration

Aneek Chatterjee — Corona

Arthur Turfa — All My Muses




Babatunde Babafemi — Chiamaka

Bob Beagrie — The Quickening



Charles Rammelkamp — Hoarding

Charlie Brice — The Divine Image

Christiana Sasa — Frontline Warriors

Chuck Joy — Good Morning, Blues

Cymelle Leah Edwards — Angel’s Landing & Devil’s Bridge




Dai Fry — #19 Thoughts

dan raphael — No Solace in Isolation

Daniel de Culla — Virus Crown, Painful Plague

Duane — Sharing the Peace




Emily Strauss — A Good Death, or Dying Alone in ICU




Germain Droogenbroodt — Todesfuge




Helen Gyigya — What’s on my mind




James G. Piatt — Termination

Judith Alexander Brice — Hands of Spring




Linda Atterton — Turning Pages

Linda M. Crate — let this business burn

Lisa McCabe — Obol

Lynn White — Home Sweet Home




M.J. Iuppa — How to Expect the Unexpected

Madhulika Ghose — The Corona Virus Scare

Marc Carver — Goodbye forever

Mark J. Mitchell — Indoor Dance

Megha Sood — Redemption

Michael H. Brownstein — Lockdown

Moinak Dutta — Covidiots




Nancy Avery Dafoe — Touching My Face

Ndaba Sibanda — Credit to All the Frontline Healthcare Workers

Nick Toczek — Dead Rite




Pamela Hobart Carter — But Will It Celebrate

Patrick Williamson — Facing my face

Paul Robert Mullen — day 12




R. Bremner — Simon Says

Rachael Ikins — During Viral Outbreak

Ray Greenblatt — Losing Time

Robert Cooperman — On Our Stroll

Ron Riekki — Peter Pandemic

Ronald Tuhin D’Rozario — Corona

Roseanne Morales — In Sixes




Taofeek Ayeyemi — Once Upon a Time & Oddity

Taylor Graham — Under the Watchtower




Walid Abdallah — A Conversation with Corona Virus 2020

William Ruleman — Two Poems

AR Rahman - Mosquito
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