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Issue 12 (September 18, 2019)


Adam Tarawneh — The trail of ants:



Adrian Slonaker — It Was Just a Hand:



Ananya Guha — Soul Less:



Barenya Tripathy — Stormy Waters:



Cameron Morse — Hair:



Carolyn Adams — Electrical Storm:



Charles Rammelkamp — Incognito:



Christine Xu — Pearl of the Adriatic:



Cleo Griffith — Today:



Drew Pisarra — the history of green:



DS Maolalai — The Canvas:



Edmund Conti — Foxymoron:



Ethar Hamid — Love Cannot Be Said:



Holly Day — The Spider in the Windowsill:



Ian C Smith — Tragic Kid Yearning:



Joan McNerney — Nightscape:



Julian O’Dea — The Buzz:



Katacha Díaz — Celestial Eye Candy:



Keith Moul — Ideas Relegated:



Ketaki Datta — A Poem of Love and Hatred:



KJ Hannah Greenberg — 4 poems:



Lynn Long — Soaring:



Marianne Szlyk — After Dwight William Tryon’s “Winter” (1893):



Michael Lee Johnson — Cracker Jack Box Poem:



Moinak Dutta — Sitting by The Indian Ganges Side:



Ndaba Sibanda — A New Flower:



Robert Cooperman — Claudius Views the Drowned Corpse of Ophelia:



Roberta Beach Jacobson — 3 poems:



Robin Ray — City Living:



Scott Thomas Outlar — Just Like That:



Todd Mercer — When Jimmy Grew Up:



Walid Abdallah — Her Love:



Wesley Sims — Dictionary of Love:



Will Reger — The New Jeep:

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