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Issue 13, November 18, 2019:

Adrian Slonaker — Trekking Through Movember (or No-Shave November):

Ananya Guha — Cordons of Heaven:



Amit Parmessur — The Story of My Island:



Babatunde Fagbayibo — Subterraneans:



Brian Rihlmann — Everyone Means Everyone:



Byron Beynon — Violets:



Cameron Haramia — Brothers:



Charles Springer — Sent from Above:



Charles Talkoff — 2 Poems:



Christ Keivom — Beginning of the year:



Christina Chin - 3 poems:



DAH — Cape, Mask & Fragmented #3 & Nuts And Bolts:



Daniel Edward Moore — Abandoned Houses:



Dave Shortt — Song:



Debadrita Chakraborty — A War Story and Hiccups:



Devika Mathur — A dialogue between a ghost and my loneliness:



Dominic Windram — In Pale Blue Futures:



Erren Geraud Kelly — The Comedienne, Coffeehouse Poem # 433 and Marvin Gaye On A Postage Stamp:



Ezekiel Archibong Oluwasalvage — 3 Poems:



Gary Duehr — The Sixties:



Geoffrey Heptonstall — 2 Poems:



Giada Nizzoli — Monsters and humans:



Glenn Ingersoll — Big Cloud



J. B. Hogan — Samburu to Masai Mara:



J. S. Allen — Reality Aside:



James Goss — Impressions:



Jason Gallagher — In the Friendly Sky:



Jeremy Szuder — I Never Miss My Water:



Joanna M. Weston — The Referee:



Joel Schueler — Send the bailiffs in:



John Tustin — Katie, Dear:



Joshua H. Baker — Stepping Towards Blue:



Kevin D. LeMaster — Family Reunion:



Kirby Olson — Summer Drive:



KJ Hannah Greenberg — 2 Poems:



Kyle Hemmings — Stirrings in Tribeca, Cat People Again & Birds of a Feather:



Larry Schug — Finding Water on Mars:



Lou Marin — Thanking You:



Lowell Jaeger — Survival Song:



Lynn Long — What is Beautiful:



Marc Darnell — The Sitter And The Sat:



Maria A. Arana — crazy for loving you & Night Thief & For You:



Michael A. Griffith — Clay & and I sit here:



Michael H. Brownstein — Stroke and Ego:



Michael Madden — School Holidays:



Michael Salcman — Now We Have Phones:



Mukulika Batabyal — Of Winter:



Ouanessa Nana — Are You Listening:



Pranab Ghosh — An Existential Dream:



Ranjit Iyer — Ganga:



Reginald Murray — Walk Quietly:



Sagarika Sukul — Ten Stairs:



Salman Sowdagar — Of Inspiration:



Sarah Heffner — 3 Poems:



Sekhar Banerjee — The Fall and Foretold:



Shruti Woosaree — The Godforsaken spot- & The gentle light:



Stefanie Bennett — Earth, Wind, Fire & Space Odyssey & Scan:



Sterling Warner — 3 Poems:



Sufia Khatoon — All the flowers fell & Artwork:



Tinashe Dorobeni — The Rays:



Todd Copeland — On Heroism:



Walid Abdallah — Ask Me:



World Barnabas — Tomb of Carts:


Zinia Mitra — On Reading her Story:

Full Version:



The Quiet Man by Yanni
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