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Issue 7 - 8 November 2018

2 Poems by Laure Charazac:

3 Poems by Gauri Dixit:



3 poems by Sadia Khan:



Cross Country and Reflection on a broken hip by Maryalicia Post:



A Music Is Made, I Am In My Mother’s Eyes and Refugee by Bharati Nayak:



A Shaking Tree by Ken Allan Dronsfield:



A Somber Walk by Antony King:



African and New Justification  by Slavica Gadzova Sviderska:



Amour by Sanjeev Sethi:



An Incomplete Conversation, Dead Phone Line and Lost and Found by Anitha Devi Pillai:

Another Autumn by Daniel de Culla:




Apotheosis by Lydia Horvath:




Are We Free Like Butterflies by Tabassum Tahmina Shagufta Hussein:




Ars Poetica by Paul Kindlon:




bābilim by Somrita Urni Ganguly:




Beyond the Jesus by Shantanu Siuli:

Bones Piled by Oracles by Keith Moul:

Bouquet, Diadem and Inverness by Jonel Abellanosa:

Deserts of Deceit, The Star Gazer and Swimming in Darkness by Peter Magliocco:

Dewpoint, Ticks Optional, Old Age Desire and Archive by Carl Mayfield:

Drift, War and Rigor Appetit by Pat Ashinze:

Dubai Nights by Gabriel Don:


Echoes of my Heart and In Love with Mountains by Anindita Bose:


emptiness has a body by Michael Akuchie:


End of the Secret, She’s Wet and No More Censorship by Zvonko Taneski:


Eternal Blooms and I Am Thirsty, Mom by Dr. Santosh Bakaya:


Eventide, Euphoria and Endless by Nicole Surginer:


Failure, Angel Dancing and A Boat Afloat by Marc Carver:


Falguni by Moinak Dutta:


Flexible, Pull Me Back and Refrigerator by Monica Prince:

Follow Your Heart by Lynn Long:




Forgiveness by Megha Sood:




Found object by Joe Fearn:




Good Grief! by Marc Darnell:




Haiku Trio on Moon by Ann Chiappetta:




Haiku-Senryu trio by Roberta Beach Jacobson:




Healing Your Heart and The Dying Time by Linda Imbler:




Imagine, Birthday Present and This Morning by Joan McNerney:




In Another Dimension, We Are Making Love, Everything Is So Delicious, Daughter by Melissa Studdard:




In Spirit by Shpresa Ymeraj:



In the night by Lopamudra Mishra:


In your arms, Strangers and friends and Yearn to devour you by Madhumita Sinha:




Initials in the old oak tree and Love You by Aly O’Neill:



Invitation, Moon and Haiku by Maya Bhalla:

It Makes No Difference by Suchoon Mu:

Janus-faced goodbye by Dr Koshy AV:

Jump Rope For The Moon by Bebe Kern:




Kindling by Marcia J Pradzinski:




Laws and Mary by Mitchell Krockmalnik Grabois:




Laws Are The Cuckolds, Alas by Duane Vorhees:




loev by Goodness Olanrewaju Ayoola:




lost, mutual understanding and no song, yet by Eliana Vanessa:




Mexican Dream, Cock and On the Bus by Danijela Trajković:




Moments of the Unknown by Ranko Pavlović:




Money Buys Happiness and Tears of The Sad Stars by Ahmad Al-Khatat:




Morning Infant, Whisper Skin and Drunken Breeze by Gopal Lahiri:




Mother by Michael H. Brownstein:




Murmurs, Candids and Dancer in Red by David Sabol:




My Life As Tinder by Don Kloss:




My Manifest on the Will of the Mind, Mezra the Vampire and Sleep Condition by Blagoje Savic:




My Present, Not Quite a Love Story and Perfect by Janet Cameron:




Never to die and When I met the saint by Saikat Majumdar:




New God and Parting by Octavio Quintanilla:




Night Steam Train by Joanna M. Weston:




Old Men Walk Funny by Michael Lee Johnson:




Palimpsest by Debarshi Mitra:

Phases of Realities, Salvation Is a Choice and Love’s Freedom by David Chukwudi Njoku:



Rays of Hope by Helga Gruendler-Schierloh:


Regret is Only for the Living by Ute Carson:




Restitution Mount Etna by Stefanie Bennett:




Robin Hood by Nels Hanson:




Runaways by Mike Fiorito:




shade by Frederick Andrew:




Shades of Gray, Tinge of Red by Wesley Sims:




Shaving by Vern Fein:




She Loves Me by James D. Casey IV:




Silent no More, Reading Poems and Our Playhouse by Ann Christine Tabaka:




Sleight of Hand by Tyler Robert Sheldon:




Stone Skipping, Lost Landscapes and A Portrait of You as a Set of Teeth by David Hanlon:




Strength by Madhu Jaiswal:




Sunset Boulevard by Anna Maria Dall’Olio:




tavernacle by Frederick E. Whitehead:




The Body Saga and forgetting by Mallika Bhaumik:




The Curious Bicycle by Arya Mukherjee:




The Frogs’ Role in All of This by John Grey:




The Motion of Cycles and The Crucible of Knowledge by James R. Campbell:




The Pelicans on Grasmere Lake (Washington Park, Denver) and Selfies on the Plane by Robert Cooperman:




The Platonic, The Warm Side A Lyric by Jagari Mukherjee:




The Sexton at the Graveside Service by Todd Mercer:




The Shadows of Secrets by Lynn White:



The Storm by Christiana Sasa:




The Tipping Point, The Middle of the Night in the Middle of the Bed and Extrication from a Narcissist on a

Sunday Afternoon by Jill Rachel Jacobs:



The Trigonometry of her Body by Pitambar Naik:




The Unmade Sea by Bob Goddard:




The Wicked Hound by Nadiir Gooljar:




The World Has Been Slumbering and Load Up Well by Stana Dinić Skočajić:




There is no more time by Trisha Rose:




Time and time again by Iulia Gherghei:




To a Coastline Tonight by Asha Gowan:




The Between by Patrice Boyer Claeys:




Torn, Clover and One Thing Leads to Another by Scott Thomas Outlar:




Transcribing and Dinner night by Ejiro Elizabeth Edward:




Twilight by Đorđe D. Sibinović:




Twin Plea and Without You by Kelly Beasley:




Unwanted Company and Caught in the web by Thalia Dunn:




Vacation and Earth Shoes by Adrian Slonaker:




Walt Whitman & William Blake Had Tea, Or Was It Coffee by Alan Britt:




Wayfaring, Admonitio and Flashback by Carl Scharwath:




What I am Learning, Alone in the Desert Hills by Tara K. Shepersky:




What Is This Thing Called Jazz by Michael David Saunders Hall:

When Conscience Kicked Him Hard by Ndaba Sibanda:




When you need me by Walid Abdallah:




Words by J. L. Smith:




You Must Pledge a Grinding Stone to Kernels by Shola Balogun:




You Were and Moya Lyubov (My Love) by Damiana Andonova:

The Oral Tradition, All Those Exiles and Each One a Genius by Leonard Orr:

Lights, Camera, Action by Katacha Díaz:

Тeeter-totter and Marketing Fraud by Nenad Trajković:

A Dream by Steven Blanco-Cazeaux:

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