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Issue 8 - 8 January 2019

Aakriti Kuntal — Lilith, Vines and Frailty:

Agunbiade Kehinde — The Night My Father Gave Us A Morbid Lamp:

Akanksha Goel — Terrorists aren’t born, they are made:

Alahana Isgrigg — Gone and Younger Years:

Alec Hershman — Lilacs, Mother’s Day and As When the Truth...:

Allan Johnston — Defining the Moon and Arse Poetica:

Amirah Al Wassif — for those who don’t know chocolate!:

Amy Soricelli — Poets are Made in Fourth Grade:

Angela Imhanguelo — Broken Bones:

Arsalan Chalabi — Lovesick:

Babafemi Babatunde — Abigail, Kadara and Grief of Jefe:

Brian Finch — See You Soon-Nan and Self Destruction:

Brinda Sarma — What happens when the ghost of your past takes over you or A 1986 Onida TV:

Brittany Hailer — The Shepherd:

Brooks Robards — Call of the Wild:

Bruce McRae — Rolling The Stone, The Lost Years and Rain At Night:

Bryan C. Tan — It Sounds Like, She did not come here to fly and I Lie in My Sleep:

Carl Scharwath  & Sharon Dina Rose Regala — Sidewalked, US... Our Story and Ekphrastic Poem:

Carla Schwartz — Ashes:

Ceinwen E Cariad Haydon — Exposed, Flood Plain and Recycled Memories:

Clara Burghelea — An abundance of holy things, Self-exile and Lexical Displacement:

Cleo Griffith — Houses, The Artistry of Plain Soil and The Days the Clouds Don’t Want:

Colin James — Choosing the Right Poeticism:

Cordelia Hanemann — Jasmine, Pyrrhic Victories Memoir of a Southern Belle and Who’s Counting:

Dah — Orange, Frost, Drought and Varnished Eyes:

Dan Morey — Ayahuasca:

David B. Prather — The Expulsion, Hyperbole and Resuscitation:

David Masciotra — Noise Pollution, Love Letter and Gore Vidal, RIP:

Debashish Majumdar — Interview and Gone, Mother Gone!:

Debasis Tripathy — Distressful:

Debasish Parashar — Perfumed Gossamer and Drunken Selfies:

Deleteh Bank — You Were Not There:

Eduard Schmidt-Zorner — Tarot cards from a drawer:

Edward Lee — Never Whole, Prisoner and Bone Deep Despair:

Eliza Segiet — Labyrinth, Jokester and Inverted Time:

Elizabeth Cohen — Something, Not the Other Thing and The Possible:

Elizabeth Higgins — The End:

Elizabeth Paxson — The Jellyfish Has No Brain, Unyielding Grasp and Too Much Light:

F. R. Kesby — Tempus Edax Rerum, Shut That Window and It was the longest summer...:

Fabrice Poussin — Scripts, She Dreams and Snows of May:

Fotoula Reynolds — Back to life, Transferring and Sculptured:

George Elliott Clarke — Wisdom of Solomon VI., Wisdom of Solomon VIII. and Wisdom of Solomon IX.:

Guinotte Wise — Vicinity, Hello Eighty and Gray Day:

Hannah Haydt — The Forgiving Fudge, To the Wind and Wave and Syncopated:

Huda Tariq — Tried and tired:

Ifrah Kayenat — A Conveyance, Frozen Feelings and Yearned:

Ipsita Ganguli — Rain:

James Deighan — The young lad’s bell:

Jan Ball — People-watching, Travel Rag and Two French Men:

Jane Moteea — The Missing:

Jennifer Maloney — The Floor, Wanderlust and Pragmatism:

Jerry Chiemeke — Cravings for a Vacation, Sneaky Old Friend and Save Your Strength:

Jessica Barksdale — Bon Soir is a Feeling Not a Time and Clarins:

Joe Barca — Winter Wheat, Holiday and Yuletide:

Joseph S. Pete — A Void Sucking Away at Every Sunday:

Josh Jennings — Silence:

Julia Parbhoo — Words, Proud and What About Poetry:

Katy Scrogin — Winter Testimony, Through an October Window and Square One, Again:

Kelvin Kellman — Ajoke Bello:

Kenneth Pobo — Cake and Garbage Cans, Sparkling and I’m Under:

Ketaki Datta — My Soul running between Lives, A Post Modern Love Poem and Cage-Free Emotions:

Kevin Ridgeway — At the Donut Shop with Calvin and Dead Celebrities:

Kim Fulton — I kind of thought the alpacas were a metaphor until... and A newsroom after...:

Kristina Krumova — Through the Ladder of the Pantyhose, The Rubber Boots Do Not...:

Kristine Brown — $7.99, The Pricey Date that Wasn’t and Sweet Ennui:

Lauren Scharhag — The Bus Station, The Eighth Kind and Bowie:

Lidia Chiarelli — Poppy Red and Garden in October:

Lisa Stice — Late Harvest Moon and Lullaby for My Dog:

M.J. Iuppa — Un)resolved:

Madhulika Ghose — The Last Moghul:

Manoj Pukhrambam — So Far Away From You:

Mary Shanley — bullet in his head:

Max Sparber — A Wish and The Neighbor:

Mbizo Chirasha — Children of Xenophobia:

Meaghan Quinn — Women’s College, Bees Responding to Overdose and Slow Dance, Bullets:

Nick Toczek — Another Bloody Day, Costa Sin Sol, Spain and Not Quite Kennedy:

Nina Buckless — Dream of Birds and I Am Evidence:

Patricia Nelson — Woman of Grey, Circles and Exile:

Paul Kindlon — Poor Players:

Paul Robert Mullen — evolution, near the ritz, roulette:

Peter Nolan — A Culture of Worries:

Pramila Khadun — The wanderer, What next and Separation:

Rachael Ikins — Alien Skin, Dawn after Killing Frost and sun wars:

Raeesa Usmani — Welcome to the Bazaar:

Ranjana Sharan Sinha — Turning Back Time and Poetry My 2 am Friend:

Riham Adly — I’ve Always Loved that Prostitute:

Rizzalyn Bernarte — Bonfire of Lost Daughters, Flight 32 of Guilt Airways and Part Flesh...:

Ron Riekki — Guns = Disease = Guns, It’s Hard Not to Piss People Off... and My Mother Had Two Jobs...

Russell Streur — Genesis Story and The Noose:

Sara Siddiqui Chansarkar — My Wedding Day:

Sayan Aich Bhowmik — Arson:

Shabir Ahmad Mir — Ghazal:

Sharena Lee Satti — Alpha, Finding Your Voice and Age Is But a Number:

Steven Lebow — White, as human bone:

Sukrita Paul Kumar — Himalayan Tsunami:

Susannah Violette — Brandt, Margret and You and the Raccoon:

Ted Bernal Guevara — A Manageable War:

Toby Hall — Itch and Wonder:

Trisha Rose — I Cheated On My Soul:

Tyler Robert Sheldon — High Stakes and Raccoon:

Ugonnaora Owoh — vortex:

Ursula Nichowski  — Electra:

Wil Michael Wrenn — Full Moon Night, Mystery and Someday After:

Wilda Morris — Reminder, Ishmael Reflects on the Try-Works Fire and Melville in Love:

William J. Tell — Drunk on banker’s blood:

Wolf Kevin Martin — Burnt Sage Again:

(AR Rahman’s 1947 Earth Theme Music)


Alfred K. LaMotte — Gift, As You Awaken and Pronouns:

R. Bremner — Monk sweeps in the window:



Full pdf version of issue 8:

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