Issue 16 — May 8, 2020

Adrian Slonaker — Holy Saturday

Aidan Rooney — Tristes Pâques

Amanda J. Bradley — Routine Procedures

Amisha Koolmon — Ahhh!

Ananya Guha — Two Poems

Annette Sisson — Currency

Avijit Roy — The Day After the Doom’s Day

Babatunde Waliyullah Adesokan — Poem 1

Banqobile Virginia Dakamela — For better, for worse


Bhumi Mudgal — Your wish is my command

Catherine Jones — A Luminous Body

Chitisha Gunnoo — Two Poems

Christina Chin — Three Haikus

Dan Cuddy — Hollywood in the Time of Plague and Politically Correct

Duane — One of the Essentials

Ellen Chia — Lockdown

Erren Geraud Kelly — Power in the Blood

Fariel Shafee — 2020

James Croal Jackson — Self-isolation

Jayshree Misra Tripathi — Disquiet in Isolation

Jennifer Juwah — Deaf Ears

Jennifer Lagier — Stick Houses

Jeremy Blizard — Tribute to the Viral Deluge

John Drudge — Two Poems

John Grey — Quarantine Weather

Julia Stothard — Waiting for the Queen Wasp to Return to her Nest During Lockdown

Katacha Díaz — Two Poems

Kathy Abrahams — Flowers

Kruti Brahmbhatt — Two Poems

Leela Soma — Glove, Palette Story & Hope

Lynda Scott Araya — Same but Different

Macdonald Maduabuchi — I call you agony

Marzia Rahman — This Year

Mel Schmitz — What the Pangolin Said

(Artwork by Marie-Hélène Perey)

Melissa Huff — A String of Islands

Mickey J. Corrigan — Where is Harry Potter

Oormila Vijayakrishnan Prahlad — Musings, in the toilet paper blitz

Pasquale Trozzolo — Before the Distance

Paul Kindlon — Damn Corona Virus!

Raymond P. Hammond — Oh, Nice!

Rimli Bhattacharya — Soliloquy

Ronda Piszk Broatch — Gardening as Current Administration Anti-venom

Sandip Saha — Coronavirus


Sarah Aziz — The Thief Called Corona


Sudhi — Things I don’t say it aloud


Sunil Sharma — The Song of Koel in the Lockdown


Wanjala Njalale — The Coffin Maker of Verona









Yanni - Until the Last Moment
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