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Issue 6 - 8 September 2018

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Full pdf version:

A Casualty & Something Falling by Maryalicia Post:

A Man Like Fire & Meditating at the Crossroads by Wojciech Toczydlowski:

Aesthetics by Don Thompson:

An Old Blue Oak & Bicycle Chain by Marianne Brems:

An Uncanny Place by Christiana Sasa:

Augmented & Fuel by Chris Mc Alorum:

Because My Body Was Never Mine by Bola Opaleke:

Bicycle by Brinda Runghsawmee:

Big Questions, Little Sleep & Lost and Found & The Sea’s Secret Song by Linda Imbler:

Billiards And Darts by Daniel de Culla:

Canal by Scott Waters:

Cascade by Lou Marin:

Charging & Converting to Dataism & Rocky Calls by Yuan Changming:




Copper Town by David Chorlton:




Dancing by Abbie Johnson Taylor:




 Disarming & Place Settings & Dominican Man by Jessica (Tyner) Mehta:

Doubt & Pristine Decay by Ifeanyichukwu Eze:

Drawing Dragons & Alice White Leaves Me for the Last Time by Kyle Hemmings:

Echo by Frank Diamond:

Enchanting and Mysterious by Katacha Díaz:

Eve of Earth Day by Taylor Graham:

Gone by Tim Gordon:

Heron and the Moon by Ken Allan Dronsfield:

I Live… by Rajdeep Chowdhury:

I Will Carry You by Amy Nocton:

I Never Asked You to Listen & Try Dismantling the Little Empire Inside of You & A Dragon Kiss Always Ends in Ashes by Neil Ellman:

If It Knew Everything I’d Ask It by Tim Staley:

Just A Boy by Troy DeFrates:

Ladies’ Compartment & Passion’s Secret & If Tomorrow Comes Another by Munira Sayyid:

Lady in the Bottle by Deborah W. Setiyawati:

Letter to Love by Anoucheka Gangabissoon:

Life Is Priorities by Kristin Garth:

Losing Geography by Stephen Mead:

Love in Pencil by Beverly M. Collins:

Luck Of The Draw & People Are Different Writers Are Worse & A Romance Fit For The Slaughterhouse by John Patrick Robbins:

Melanoma by Charles Rammelkamp:

Memories of Childhood Fireworks by Matthew Johnson:

Message Across Space and Time by Yong Takahashi:

My Account & Half Awake by Allan Lake:




My dream by Edgar Davis:




New Moon by Marianne Szlyk:




November Storms by Jenn Thorley:




Open-mindedness by Gianfranco Aurilio:

Overlooking Paddle Boats by Shelly Sitzer:

Part 15: Objectified & Part 14: Objectified & Part 8: Objectified by Mary McWilliams:

Plastic Morning by Michael Madden:



Profession by Robert Cooperman:




re·al·i·ty by  Antony King:

Salomé and the Baptist by Naeema Abdelgawad:

Sandy Will Be Back by Yevgeniya Przhebelskaya:

Santiago Climes by Lorraine Caputo:


Sea Dance & Patterns & The Lie & Spin by Janet Cameron:

Sleepless Nights by Martina Gallegos:

Song for the rill & On breaking of statues by Moinak Dutta:

Summer Ghazal by Luanne Pumo Jaconia:

teetering by RC deWinter:

Tell Them That I Love Her by Randal Rogers:

The Beautiful Ones Not Yet Born by Michael David Saunders Hall:

the courtship of danae by Kenneth West:

The Dark Night & Street Life by Seán Maguire:

The Salesman by Torie Cooper:

The shadow dance by Richa Sharma:

The Waterfall by Amit Shankar Saha:

To Be by Dennis Herrell:

Tonight by Roberta Beach Jacobson:

Uncle Lucifer by John Hawkhead:

Winter’s Cold Thumb by Linda M. Crate:

Would It by Rishika Reddy:

In Praise of Broomsticks With Names by Aditya Shankar:



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